Digital Marketing Course in Indore

Digital Marketing Course in Indore Future Multimedia gives extraordinary Digital Marketing Training in Indore with International Certification. Course designed by Industry Experts. Future Multimedia has been in the field of education individuals in Digital Marketing and SEO Skills for many years now and perfectly understands what works and what not? The versatility and extensive tools of digital promotion niche are both comprehensively covered in the various courses and programs of our academy.Our Digital Marketing Coaching in Indore focuses on developing expertise in individuals regarding all the latest tools and technologies of the niche in the supervision of the most experienced faculty in all of central India.

Why should one Prefer our Digital Marketing Training Institute in Indore over others?

Future Multimedia is award-winning Digital Marketing Institute in Indore and Madhya Pardesh as we have the faculty, infrastructure, and resources to cater the needed proficiency in digital promotion niche at the highest level. The internet advertising coursework of our academy is developed by an expert team comprising of some of the most experienced and skilled data- driven advertising professionals in the industry and comprehensively covers the intricacies of the niche. The program divided into 80 sessions focuses on providing an overview of all promotion channels in Digital Media including SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email promotions, Online Advertising, Website Design, Web Analytics and Online PR and developing the essential skills in individuals to initiate, manage and propel a complete internet marketing campaign in real-time through workshops and live-project teaching methods. Our web advertising strategy involves helping students in developing proficiency in skills related to various internet advertising tools (Google search, social media platforms, email promotion and websites) that are used aggressively in the current scenario by giants of the industry to create more ROI, maximize sales and build preference for their brands or products and is quite an extensive field and covering all the aspects of the niche in a single package is not that easy and this is the reason that we have both short term and long term courses for individuals which they can choose based on their preferences time that they want to take out and skill sets that they want to achieve. All of our programs cover the aspects of SEO, PPC, Google Adwords, SMM, ORM, Google Analytics, etc.

How good are our Digital Marketing Classes in Indore?

To provide quality education, infrastructure and resources are always mandatory. Our Digital Marketing Class in Indore has neat and clean premises that house perfect classrooms for individuals looking to take that big step in their professional career. The classes are well furnished and spacious and have all the things required to make the most conducive and absorbing environment for students in which they can learn, grow and imbibe skills of their niche that are needed to thrive in their professional career at the highest level. Our academy believes that each and every student has the potential to succeed in his niche at the highest level if only he can be provided with the right mentorship, guidance, and environment in time. We’ve always promoted quality over quantity and this is the reason that the student-teacher ratio of our academy is also best in the industry. Only a limited number of students are allowed in our institute in Indore to make sure that an optimal level of personal attention is guaranteed for each and every student taking up the course. A culture of interactive workshops and practice sessions are organized on a regular basis throughout the term of various courses to make sure a graph of overall growth and management is maintained for every individual to help them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and working accordingly. The academy even has an option of weekend classes for individuals that cannot take up the regular course because of their present jobs or other personal and professional liabilities.

Who can join our Digital Marketing Institute in Indore

Digitalisation is the need of the hour in terms of generating leads, creating online traffic and managing brand awareness and latest promotional strategies for both small and large scale businesses alike. Whether you’re related to advertising field or even if you’re a business owner looking for ways to channelize the growth rate by using latest online advertising methodologies or even if you’re a working professional who is looking to add some more skill sets to his resume for better job opportunities or even a job seeker or a fresher looking to explore the possibilities of a career in the niche; the course has something for everyone and can give you wings in accomplishing feats of amazing glory in your niche.

Digital Marketing Certification Course in Indore

Digital Marketing Certification Course in Indore You can also join the league of hundreds of extraordinary and successful aspirants all over the world that have chosen to give wings to their professional career as internet advertising professionals by enrolling with our various programs and courses and be absolutely job-ready at the end of your term. The data-driven advertising credentials of our

Digital Marketing Master

Duration 3-5 Month's

Syllabus and Digital Marketing Course Fees

    Digital Marketing Overview

  • Understanding promotion Process
  • Why Digital Wins Over traditional
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

    Social Media Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Video Marketing

    Mobile Marketing

    Ecommerce Marketing

    PPC( Pay Per Click )

    Understanding Digital Market Process

  • Increasing Visibility
  • Visitors Engagement
  • Bringing Targeted Traffic
  • Converting Traffic into Leads
  • Retention
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Planning & Conceptualising a Website

  • Booking a Domain Name & webhosting
  • Adding domain Name to web Server
  • Adding webpages & content
  • Adding Plugins
  • Building website using CMS

  • Identifying objective of website
  • Deciding on Number of Pages Required
  • Planning for Engagement Options
  • Creating Blueprint of Every webpage
  • Lead Generation For Business

  • Understanding lead generation for business
  • Why lead generation is important?
  • landing pages
  • thank-you page
  • Landing page vs website
  • create a landing page
  • create a thank-you page
  • Types of landing pages
  • Reviewing landing pages created by trainees
  • What is A/B testing?
  • How to do A/B testing
  • Selecting landing pages after A/B testing
  • Converting leads into sales
  • Creating lead nurturing strategy
  • Understanding lead funnel
  • Steps in leads nurturing
  • Online Reputation Management

  • What is online reputation management?
  • Why online reputation management is need of hour
  • How to deal with criticism online
  • Online reputation management Commandments
  • ways to create positive brand image online
  • Understanding tools for monitoring online reputation
  • Step by Step guide to overcome negative online reputation
  • Best examples of online reputation management
  • Adsense & Blogging

  • What is adsense?
  • How to get approved for adsense?
  • Cool trick to get adsense approval by Google
  • Using your adsense account interface
  • Placing ads on your blog
  • Creating blogs
  • make money with adsense

    Web Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • GA code installation
  • Goal Setting
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Dashboard
  • What is visits, Visitors, Page Views and Bounce Rate
  • Visitor Loyalty
  • Event Tracking Overview
  • Custom Reporting
  • In Page Analytics
  • Google places optimization
  • Classified submissions
  • Using H card
  • Citation
  • Top tools for SEO
  • Monitoring SEO process
  • Preparing SEO reports
  • How to create SEO Strategy for your business
  • What is link juice?
  • Importance of domain and page authority
  • How to optimize exact keywords for your business
  • What is Google Panda Algorithm?
  • What is Google Penguin?
  • What is Google EMD Update?
  • How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update
  • How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD
  • Google Analytics

  • Overview of Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Google analytics
  • How Google analytics works
  • Understanding Google analytics account structure
  • Understanding Google analytics insights
  • Understanding cookie tracking
  • Types of cookie tracking used by Google analytics
  • Starting with Google analytics
  • How to set up analytics account
  • How to add analytics code in website
  • Understanding goals and conversions
  • How to setup goals
  • Understanding different types of goals
  • Understanding bounce & bounce rate
  • Difference between exit rate & bounce rate
  • How to reduce bounce rate
  • How to set up funnels in goals
  • Importance of funnels
  • How to integrate adwords and analytics account
  • Benefits of integrating adwords & analytics
  • Measuring performance of marketing campaigns via
  • Google analytics
  • What is link tagging
  • How to set up link tagging
  • Understanding filters & segments
  • How to set up filters & segments
  • How to view customized reports
  • Monitoring traffic sources
  • Monitoring traffic behavior
  • Taking corrective actions if required
  • Website Planning & Creation:

  • Understanding Internet
  • Difference between Internet & web
  • Understanding websites
  • Understanding domain names & domain extensions
  • What is web server & web hosting
  • Different types of web servers
  • Different types of websites


  • What is linkedIn?
  • Understanding LinkedIn
  • Company profile vs Individual profiles
  • Understanding Linkedin groups
  • Linkedin advertising & it best practices
  • Increasing ROI form linkedIn ads
  • Linkedin publishing
  • Company pages
  • Adv on linkedIn
  • Display vs text
  • Twitter advertising

  • Understanding Twitter
  • Tools to listen & measure Influence on Twitter: TweetDeck, Klout, PeerIndex
  • How to do advertising on Twitter
  • Advertising on Twitter
  • Creating campaigns
  • Types of ads
  • Tools for twitter
  • Facebook

  • Understanding Facebook
  • Practical session
  • Increasing fans on fan page
  • How to do advertising on fan page (with examples)
  • Fan engagement
  • Important apps to do fan page
  • Understanding edgerank and art of engagement
  • Practical Session
  • Affiliate Marketing

  • What is affliate
  • How people make millions of dollar in affiliate marketing?
  • How to be a super affliate?
  • Different ways to do affliate marketing
  • How your trainer makes money in affliate market
  • India’s top affiliate agencies
  • Some of the top affliate network in the world
  • How to get approved as an affliate by world’s top affliate company-commission junction
  • Online Display Advertising

  • What is online advertising?
  • Types of Online Advertising
  • Banner ads
  • Rich Media ads
  • Pop ups and Pop under ads
  • Contextual advertising
  • In Text ads
  • In Image ads
  • In video ads
  • In page ads
  • What are Payment Modules?
  • Companies that provide online advertising Solution
  • Tracking & Measuring ROI of online adv.
  • Assignment on allocating funds to various
  • Different Online advertising platformsff
  • Creating Banner Ads Using Tools
  • Live Project

  • Project Discussion
  • Requirements analysis of Project
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