Catia Coaching in Indore

Catia is a powerful 3D software tool that is used by all big manufacturing units in the industry to make powerful designs of products ranging from boats, automobiles, fighter planes and submarines to electrical, industrial, electronic, jewelry and clothing. Right from Original Equipment Manufacturers to supply chains or even small-scale independent producers and manufacturers; everyone wants perfect designs from their engineers which are streamlined and validated in engineering credentials in real-time to make sure that the created products are as close to perfection as ever.

Right from product conception to production engineering or even designing tools and the real-time engineering validation of all the designs through step by step analysis and simulation; Catia gives everything to the designers and engineers to come up with flawless 3D designs and this is the reason it is extensively used for fields of CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture)

Why should one enroll in our Catia training Institute in Indore?

Catia is the World's Leading Solution for Product Design and Experience which is used by leading organizations in multiple industries to develop the products we see and use in our everyday lives. And this makes the job of an engineer working in the niche a very difficult one and this is the reason a proper and professional training is very important for pursuing a successful career in the niche.

Future Multimedia provides the best courses and programs in Catia designing for individuals to make sure that they do acquire the designing skills and credentials to make big inroads in their professional career at the highest level. Our Catia training institute in Indore has the best faculty in Indore and all of central India to ensure that students get the best exposure and skills regarding the niche throughout the term.

As the the niche involves designing products that people use in everyday life and daily practices, it is important that engineers are trained in such a way that they can be an asset to their firm or organization by creating sophisticated and working designs that are always according to market specifications and expectations and our courses and programs in Catia designing focus on providing just that proficiency for both students and working professionals.

What does our Catia training course in Indore covers?

Our Catia training course in Indore covers all the basic intricacies of the Catia software and that too in a comprehensive manner in an affordable fee structure. We have both short terms and long-term courses for individuals based on the skills that they want to learn and the time they can invest and the version of the software they want to learn or the version that is followed by the company that they want to work within near future (V4, V5, V6)

Our course focuses on detailed skills of the niche like; how to create complex and robust designs, advance Surface Design Tools and its quality & stability along with training individuals in the metrics of Designing and Managing Sheet Metal Parts with advance Sheet metal Options. The Students also learn tips and tricks related to Generative and Interactive Drafting, performing administration tasks and managing all dimensions and annotations in a well organized and proficient manner.

The aim of our institute is to develop exceptional skills in the individuals related to creating their own designs by getting acquainted with the intricacies and user interface of the software through a step by step method coursework that is designed by the best engineers and Catia designing experts in the industry. The students are mentored in topics like; sketching, editing designs and sketches, part modeling, drafting, and product creation or conception.

What to expect from our Catia training classes in Indore?

Our facility maintains the highest level of credentials needed for a skill development academy to function in the right direction right from possessing the infrastructure and neat and clean premises to the availability of experienced faculty and other resources. The spacious classrooms of the premise are well comfy and well-furnished to cater the most absorbing and conducive environment for individuals so as to make sure that they can readily learn and imbibe the essentials skills of the niche through proper mentoring and guidance by our experienced faculty.

We believe in quality and not quantity and this is the reason that only a limited number of students are allowed in a single batch to make sure that highest level of personal attention is maintained throughout the term for each and every individual. The student-teacher ratio of our facility is best in the whole industry as compared to some of the other institutes and skill development academies offering a similar set of courses and programs in the niche.

Our Catia training classes in Indore follow a standard procedure of practical sessions and workshops to make sure that students can maintain a graph of continuous growth and progress in skills related to Catia development throughout the term. The live-project training and industrial training provided by our classes make sure that students can identify their strengths and weaknesses and then work on them accordingly for achieving a 100 percent success rate in job and placement credentials till the end of the term.

Get certified now:

You can also join the league of hundreds of extraordinary and successful aspirants all over the world that have chosen to give wings to their professional career as Catia developers or engineering professionals by enrolling with our various Catia development courses and programs and gain exceptional proficiency in creating and maintaining flawless 3D designs to add to your engineering career resume at the end of your term. The Catia certifications of our academy are well recognized all around the industry and can give one absolute skill and proficiency in pursuing a career in the in the niche as a Catia developer or engineering professional.

Catia Training

Duration - 60 day's

Course Content of Catia Training in Indore

    Catia V5 Mechanical Design Introduction

  • Review the User Interface
  • Catia Workbenches
  • Part Design Workbench
  • Assembly Design Workbench
  • Generative Shape Design Workbench
  • Importance of Parent/Child Relationships
  • Investing the Model
  • What is Define in Work Object?
  • Defining in Work Objects
  • Organizing a Solid Model
  • Model Organization
  • Geometrical Sets
  • Ordered Geometrical Sets
  • Hybrid Design
  • Parts Design

  • Design Intent
  • Create Advanced Sketch-Based Features
  • Multi-Sections Solid
  • Create Advanced Drafts
  • Advance Dress-Up Features
  • Use the Multi-Body Method
  • Create Multi-Model Links
  • Hints and Tips on Generative Drafting

  • Generating Specific Views
  • Creating a Section View/Section Cut with a Profile Defined in
  • Update Management
  • Auto-Dimensioning
  • Advanced Filtering Techniques
  • Balloons Creation
  • Drawing Generation of Large Assemblies

  • General recommendations
  • Approximate generation mode
  • Administration tasks

  • About Standards and generative View Styles
  • Administration of Generative View Styles and Standards
  • Setting standard parameters
  • Setting standard styles
  • Setting Generative View Styles
  • Administration Settings
  • Increasing Productivity

  • Generating Hole Dimensions Tables
  • Creating Point Coordinate Tables
  • Creating Tables
  • Creating Frames and Title Blocks with a Macro

  • Defining Frames
  • Filling in the Title Block

    Surface Design

  • Access the Surface Design Workbench
  • Create the Reference Geometry
  • Create the Basic Surface Geometry
  • Create the Complex Surface Geometry
  • Solidify the Model
  • Perform Operations on Surfaces
  • Assembly Design

  • Manage the product structure
  • Create flexible sub-assemblies
  • Analyze the assembly
  • Create scenes
  • Create annotations
  • Generate reports
  • Bends and Unfolded Mode

  • Bends
  • Unfolded Mode
  • Corner Relief
  • Flanges

  • Creating Flanges
  • Recommendations for Flanges
  • Sheet Metal Features

  • Cutouts
  • Holes and Circular Cutouts
  • Corners and Chamfers
  • Standard Stamps
  • User-Defined Stamps
  • Transformations and Duplication

  • Transformation of Parts
  • Patterns
  • Mirror
  • Power Copies
  • Mapping and Output

  • Point or Curve Mapping
  • Output
  • Advanced Topics in Sheetmetal Design

  • Sheetmetal Standard Files
  • Multi-Body Methodology
  • Hints and Tips on Interactive Drafting

  • Accessing the Workbench
  • Toolbars Description
  • Dress Up Commands
  • Dimension Commands
  • Text Commands

    Contextual Design

  • Clarify the display
  • Create Contextual Parts
  • Create Assembly-Level Features
  • Manipulate the Contextual Components
  • Save the Contextual Models
  • Complex Assembly Design

  • Create a Skeleton Model
  • Create the Published Elements
  • Use the Published Elements
  • Introduction to Surface Design

  • Surface Design Workbench Overview
  • Managing Features and Geometrical Sets
  • Geometrical Sets – Recommendations
  • Creating Advanced Wireframe Features

  • MD2/GSD Wireframe versus HD2/GSD Wireframe
  • Creating an Extremum
  • Creating a Connect Curve
  • Creating Advanced Swept Surfaces

  • What is Swept Surface?
  • Inputs for Sweep
  • Creating a Swept Surface
  • Creating an Adaptive Swept Surface
  • Creating Advanced Blending Surfaces

  • What is Blend?
  • Types of Blends
  • Creating Fillets using Hold Curve and Spine
  • Creating Fillets using Law
  • Creating a Blend Surface
  • Blend Surfaces Recommendations
  • Additional Surface Design Tools

  • Improving Geometry Stability
  • Improving Geometry Quality
  • Getting Started

  • Introduction to Sheetmetal Design
  • Generative Sheetmetal Deign Overview
  • Defining Sheetmetal Parameters
  • Sheetmetal Walls

  • What is Sheetmetal Wall?
  • Defining the First Wall
  • Secondary Walls
  • Part Recognition

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