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are you searching Revit training institute in indore, Revit class in indore ?. Learn the essentials of 3D building models and to create 2D drawings with schedules, estimates and facility planning reports from the construction designs. Edit and regenerate complex surfaces, sub regions and building pads. You will also earn to easily share model data with the design team for a design process that will help you deliver projects collaboratively.

Revit is Autodesk's Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that caters to all aspects of a building designing project, used in architectural projects around the world by professional architects, designers and facility planners. This powerful application is popular because it lets you create and work with integrated construction documents.
Future Multimedia brings its Revit courses to equip designers and architects with the essentials of 3D building models and create 2D drawings with schedules, estimates and facility planning reports from the construction designs. You will learn to easily share model data ac with the design team for a collaborative design process that would help you deliver projects resourcefully.

These Revit training courses are taught by industry experienced architects and construction designers. You will learn to develop high quality and more precise architectural designs using information-rich models for more well-versed design decisions to support sustainable design, clash detection, construction planning, and fabrication. Moreover, any changes made are auto-updated throughout the project, keeping the design and documentation synchronized and consistent.

The Revit courses will begin with the basics of 3D building designing and will include training of Building Information Modeling, viewing the building model, loading additional building components, using dimensions and constraints, design modeling, detailing and drafting, construction documentation, using walk through technique, sun and shadow techniques, creating legends and keynotes, and rendering the projects.

Future Multimedia will also educate students in mass objects, work sets and phases, annotations, modifying schedules, area and room plans, graphic outputs, design options and logical formulae. Upon the completion of your Revit training course at Future Multimedia you will be geared with the knowledge to create both residential and commercial multifaceted architectural models.With Future Multimedia you can have complete peace of mind while you leave your training in our expert hands. These Revit training courses are designed to get you up to date with construction designing as swiftly as possible. If after attending the Revit training with Future Multimedia you do not get a chance to use the software or forget something then you are more than welcome to come back and retake the class free of charge. That is the Future Multimedia guarantee of learning.

Revit Training

Duration 45 day's

Course Content of Revit Training Institute in Indore


  • Core Concepts
  • Introducing building information modelling (BIM)
  • Working in one model with many views
  • Understanding Revit element hierarchy
  • Starting a Project

  • Creating a new project from a template
  • Accessing a multi-user project with work sharing
  • Configuring project settings
  • Adding Levels
  • Adding Grids
  • Refining a layout with temporary dimensions
  • Structure Components
  • Placing beams and upgrading properties
  • Placing structural walls
  • Placing columns
  • Structure Components

  • Creating of floors
  • Adding a truss to the structure model
  • Adding a brace to connect beams and columns
  • Creating structural beam systems
  • Annotation and Details

  • Adding text
  • Adding dimensions
  • Adding symbols
  • Adding legend views
  • Creating a detail callout
  • Using arrays to duplicate objects parametrically
  • Adding filled and masking regions
  • Sub Structure Components

  • Adds footing to the building model
  • Create foundation hosted by walls
  • Adding foundation slab to the building model

    Structure Components

  • Placement of structural rebar
  • Placement of structural area reinforcement
  • Basic Editing Tools

  • Basic Editing Tools
  • Using Filter
  • Use Of The TAB Key
  • Moving And Copying
  • Copy And Paste
  • Mirror
  • Linear Arrays
  • Radial Arrays
  • Extend And Trim
  • The Align tool
  • Offset
  • Re-Hosting Elements
  • Visibility and Graphic Controls

  • Working with visibility and graphic overrides
  • Using view templates
  • Hiding and isolating objects in a model
  • Understanding view range
  • Schedules and Tags

  • Understanding tags
  • Adding schedule views
  • Modifying schedule views
  • Creating a key schedule
  • Views

  • Controlling Visibility
  • Initial Plan Views
  • View Duplication
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Creating Callouts
  • Ceiling Plans
  • Section Box
  • Scope Box

    The Fundamental benefits of BIM

  • 3D Visualization
  • Improved coordination
  • Accurate Estimation of Quantities and Cost
  • Automated Collision Checks
  • Quick changes to design, No Repetitive Tasks
  • High Quality Construction Documents
  • Expedite the Floor Planning
  • Tender Management
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity
  • BIM 4D and 5D
  • High Level of Flexibility
  • Meet Owners Taste and Style
  • Getting Comfortable with the Revit Environment

  • Understanding the different versions of Revit
  • Exploring the application menu
  • Exploring the application menu
  • Understanding context ribbons
  • Using the Properties palette
  • Navigating views: Zooming, panning
  • The basics of selecting and modifying
  • The Basics of Families

  • Understanding families
  • Creating a new family from a template
  • Using reference planes, parameters, and constraints
  • Adding solid geometry
  • Cutting holes using void geometry
  • Adding blends
  • Completing the family
  • Sheets, Plotting, and Publishing

  • Adding sheets
  • Outputting sheets to a DWF file
  • Exporting to AutoCAD
  • Plotting and creating a PDF

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